1. melaniecervantes:

    Large wire bound sketchbooks made by Eberhardt Press are available at www.justseeds.org. This one features our Viva La Mujer design. #dignidadrebelde


  2. crystal-celeste:

    Happy international women’s day! As a little girl, I studied faces and features from magazines and real life… I drew hundreds of people and knew that I wanted to always tell our story through the eyes of women. The struggles we face as indigenas and xicanas continues and art is so important in illustrating what we live. Soldaderas” woodcut on masa. Copyright 2009.

    Artist: Crystal Galindo

    (via crystal-celeste)


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    Check out the sale we have going on, 15% off all the prints in our online store…



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    Bout to make some sick screen print posters for the Homegirls show tomorrow, come through I’m gonna be slang’n them!!! #homegirls #posters #errrrdayimhustlen #comprawey @amor_eterno_tattoo


  5. hellabreezys:

    This Saturday Oct.5th at @amor_eterno_tattoo here in Oakland, you don’t want to miss this show!!! Can’t wait!!! @mexakitsch @jasonmcafeetemple @aztekstyles @chamuco510 @lucky_hellcat @crystal_celeste @josh415 @keithstone27 @bengrillo @gorillaboxer @jongarza_arte @hectorfong @nanibah @soulera @mr30013 @abrahamortega @mit5y @ramon_felix_photo #homegirls #artshow #amoreterno #oakland


  6. crystal-celeste:

    My painting, “Alma Mariposa” copyright 2013 Crystal Galindo. I decided to paint my good friend and fellow painter, Alma Valverde Campos, as the happy, strong and loveable person she is. The iconic symbols surrounding her serve to capture her migration in the form of a butterfly (being from Mexico city, and migrating to the US) along with her strong matriarchal background. I won’t reveal all the painting entails, as I believe that an air of mystery should surround a work in order to allow the viewer to interpret and relate to it. this is mixed media, acrylic, colorpencil, and oil on panel. enjoy!


  7. CHICANO ART MOVEMENT attends: The 34th Annual Xicana Moratorium Day @ San Antonio Park in Oakland, California 2013

    (Xicana Moratorium Day art announcement created by Dignidad Rebelde)


    On my second to last day in the Bay Area, Anita received a Facebook message from one of her FB friends. The message contained a show card image and the announcement for the 34th annual Xicana Moratorium Day, which was held in the city of Oakland, California. Only being a 20 minute freeway drive from our hotel, we made the trek to San Antonio park on Sunday August 25th, 2013 to attend the Xicana Moratorium Day event.
    (Charles Pinky DeBaca and the start of the Chicano Movement in Oakland history reading at San Antonio Park. writer unknown)

    I always try to do some research prior to visiting any event or location.
    What I learned was San Antonio park played an important part in the history of the Chicano Movement in Oakland, California in the1960’s and 1970’s with the Mexican Latino Community. On July 26th, 1970 San Antonio Park was the location of a huge rally and protest against the Vietnam war called the Chicano Moratorium. In the late 1970’s and 1980’s San Antonio Park became a mecca for the Chicano Lowrider community. After learning the history of San Antonio park it was a must to visit this Chicano historical site in the Bay Area.
    (Canvas painting attached to fence at Xicana Moratorium Day, artwork by Tom “Grey” Eyes and Pancho Pescado)

    This was the 34th annual Xicana Moratorium Day held, but this would be CAM's first ever attended. This would also be our inaugural trip to the city of Oakland, California.
    As we walked up to the Xicana Moratorium Day event we first heard the poets powerful words over the loudspeakers, we also came upon the vendor booths as we neared the events venue. Once at the event I was able to learn more about the history of Chicanos in Oakland. Posted on a fence at the event for any and everyone who wanted to ascertain and assimilate, were a few articles telling the history of the Chicano Movement in Oakland, California. One article that caught my attention was the story of Charles “Pinky” DeBaca and the start of the Chicano Movement in Oakland.

    (Aerosol artist working on a canvas piece at the Xicana Moratorium Day @ San Antonio park in Oakland, California 2013)

    While making our way around the vendor booths we met and chatted with artists Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza of the art duo Dignidad Rebelde who were also in attendance at San Antonio park. Dignidad Rebelde is also responsible for the Xicana Moratorium Day event artwork.
    Xicana Moratorium Day event was positive and a family fun event for the city of Oakland and their residents. CAM would like to thank everybody involved in the event.

    More images visit CHICANO ART MOVEMENT/Facebook page


  8. crystal-celeste:

    My self portrait, “29: Dolor” acrylic and oil on panel. 3.5x 5 ft. Crystal Galindo. copyright 2012.


  9. talesofla:

    Eight Chicano Murals from 1970s Los Angeles (and their locations)

    1. "The Wall That Crack’d Open," Willie Herrón III  (1972); 4125 City Terrace Drive
    2. “Read Between the Lines,” David Botello (1975); 4539 East Olympic Boulevard
    3. "La Adelita," Carlos Almaraz (1977); 2781 Alcazar
    4. "Return of the Maya" (graffiti added), John Valadez (1979); 3400 North Figueroa Street
    5. "Van Nuys Barrio History," Edward E. Garcia (1974); 14701 Calvert Street
    6. "Por El Pueblo," Los Four (1975); 5151 State University Drive
    7. "La Mujer," Judithe Hernandez (1976); 1566 Lancaster Avenue
    8. "If We Could Share," Lydia Domingez (1974); 3322 1/2 Hunter Street

  10. Available for purchase: JOSE LOZANO - “La Marisoul” limited edition Serigraph

    Art collectors, museums and music enthusiast! My friend Chicano artist Jose Lozano is set to release his half of the edition of his “La Marisoul” print, which was produced at Self Help Graphics & Art in Boyle Heights, California by Master printer Jose Alpuche.
    The print first debuted at the Self Help Graphics & Art Print fair in July 2013.

    Artist: Jose Lozano
    Title: La Marisoul
    Signed and numbered
    Medium: 7-color Serigraph
    Dims: 16x22in (image size)
    Edition size: 58 with 5 artist proofs
    Date: 2013

    For those of you not familiar with the artist La Marisoul, she is the lead singer of the L.A.-based band La Santa Cecilia.

    I visited Lozano at his home and took all the close up shots myself of the serigraph. The print is impressive in person with Jose’s always vibrant color palette, and the details in the artwork makes you want to gaze at it for hours.
    Lozano also mentioned to me La Marisoul has two of these prints in her collection.

    If you are interested in purchasing a “La Marisoul” limited edition print directly from the artist here is your opportunity.

    Email Jose Lozano at elquepinta@yahoo.com
    Mention CHICANO ART MOVEMENT tumblr blog or CHICANO ART MOVEMENT Facebook page when purchasing and receive the Chicano discount.


  11. dignidadrebelde:

    This Sunday! We will be tabling at Cosecha (907 Washington St.)in Oakland from 1-5pm. It’s a great opportunity to buy prints in person from us at 25% off the regular price.

    It’s Cosecha’s 2 year anniversary!Stop by for delicious local oysters and ceviche. There will also be musical guests Dia pa Son. Part of the proceeds from food sales will be donated to the Chicana/Latina Scholarship Fund.



  12. dignidadrebelde:

    Your last chance to see the exhibition, buy work, and mingle with the artists before it comes down!

    Stop by Galería de la Raza for one last hurrah in honor of “Empujando Tinta” this Friday for a night of cocktails, screenprinting, and artists. Jesus Barraza of Taller Tupac Amaru has collaborated with fellow artists Rio Yañez, Viviana Paredes, and Favianna Rodriguez to each produce a limited edition piece of work, on sale the night of only. Don’t miss out: