2. stuckuppiece:

    Amazing sticker by Chaz Bojorquez from the 90s! Very kindly donated to Stuck-Up by artist Patrick Rocha!


  3. El Mac “paints La Señora de la Muerte” [Video] from Eric Heights

    This is a short video I shot documenting a recent mural painted in Los Angeles by El Mac. It’s his interpretation of Mictecacihuatl, or la Señora de La Muerte. The mural was sponsored by FX in promotion of their new series The Bridge. The show is set in El Paso/Juarez and deals with some of the border issues and violence there, which is important to El Mac.
    “La Señora de la Muerte” - Mural painted in LA for FX’s The Bridge
    Filming / Editing: Eric Heights
    Music: “Slow Motion Picture” by Sammy Burdson, from 1973



  5. themuckenthaler:

    In honor of our Frank Romero gallery opening Nov. 7th, we would like to share some of his most famous murals with you! The 1st is titled “Going to the Olympics,” which adorns one of Los Angeles’ busiest freeways (Highway 101). Fun Fact: The broad stokes found in this mural were achieved with Romero’s use of a broom instead of a brush! Come see Frank Romero’s work in person at The Muckenthaler Cultural Center! http://themuck.org/nov-7-gallery-opening-reception-frank-romero/ #themuck #frankromero #goingtotheolympics #streetart



  7. newimageartgallery:

    Neck Face Painting New Image Art: “No Mercy For The Weak”


  8. CHICANO ART MOVEMENT attends: Neck Face “NO MERCY FOR THE WEAK” opening reception @ New Image Art gallery, 2013

    (Nasty Neck Face - “NO MERCY FOR THE WEAK” @ New Image Art gallery. September 7th, 2013 )


    Last week I attended the opening reception for Street artist Neck Face’s gallery exhibition entitled, "NO MERCY FOR THE WEAK" at New Image Art Gallery in West Hollywood, California. The exhibit consisted of Neck Face’s grandeur application of his art to the walls of the gallery à la his street style, and the release of two new prints by this elusive street artist. The original art to the prints was also displayed in the exhibition. Neck Face’s - “Drink About It,” a 16x20 inch print which was my favorite, and “Your Last Post” where the newest prints created at Poster Child Prints (PCP) for release. I did not partake in Neck Face’s exhibit the previous year, also held at New Image Art gallery. Viewing opening reception images from last years exhibit I was compelled to attend "NO MERCY FOR THE WEAK" on September 7th, 2013. Promotion was a plenty for this exhibit and I was able to preview many images via the internet prior to attending. That prepared me for what I knew would be an intense show to view in person.
    (Neck Face - “YOUR LAST POST” 18x24in. limited edition Seven-Color Hand Pulled Silk Screen, edition 75 printed @ Poster Child Prints)

    Walking up to the gallery I began to see the large crowd of art goers loitering outside the gallery, not knowing they were just trying to escape the heat inside the gallery. I was already preparing myself not to make it in the gallery due to capacity. Luckily, once I excused and squeezed myself enough to get to the door I made it in. With bottles breaking and the D.J. spinning Heavy Metal tunes, I knew I was definitely in Nasty Neck Face’s turf.
    Inside the crowded gallery I was instantly hit with intense stifling heat and the aroma of scorched spilled beer. Intended or not, the temperature in the gallery that night gave the perception of actually visiting Satan’s art gallery/sauna. It was Great! Exactly how I imagined a Neck Face show would look, smell and sound like. Never have I sweat so much from just enjoying art and taking pictures.
    (TOP: Neck Face tag inside New Image Art gallery)
    (Bottom: “NO MERCY FOR THE WEAK”, Neck Face T-shirt)

    In the controlled chaos of "NO MERCY FOR THE WEAK" exhibition, I was able to capture some great images of the prints and the artwork created on the walls of New Image Art gallery.
    I was able to congratulate Neck Face on his show, I bought a T-shirt, wanted a print. I had him sign the bag the shirt it came in, I will eventually will wear the T-shirt and I would not want to harm Neck’s tag for fashion.

    Awesome show Neck Face and New Image Art Gallery!
    (Neck Face applied pattern to gallery walls)

    Exhibition ends September 21st
    @ New Image Art Gallery
    7920 Santa Monica Boulevard
    West Hollywood, CA 90046 

    Neck Face - “Drink About It” and “Your Last Post” Hand Pulled Silk Screened prints available @ Poster Child Prints (PCP)

    More images visit: CHICANO ART MOVEMENT/Facebook


  9. newimageartgallery:

    Tonight see the rest of #neckface #masterpiece @newimageart 7-10


  10. newimageartgallery:

    Neck Face opening this Saturday at New Image Art, 7-10pm


  11. newimageartgallery:

    2012 Bad Luck is better than No Luck. #neckface2013 is coming to you neighborhood soon!! Stop by @newimageartgallery this September 7th from 7pm-10pm and see #nomercyfortheweakshow There will be #neckfaceoriginalprints and #necktshirts printed by #posterchildprints #neckfacenomercy


  12. newimageartgallery:

    Not one fuck will be given-Neckface is back and has #nomercyfortheweak This September 7th #neckfacewilleatyoursoul and be showing new work @newimageartgallery There will be exclusive prints and shirts printed by @posterchildprints #neckface2013 #neckfacenomercy #neckfaceoriginalprints