1. Chicano Batman - “La Tigresa” from the Joven Navegante EP

    CHICANO BATMAN is Eduardo Arenas (bass, guitar & vocals), Carlos Arévalo (guitar), Bardo Martinez (guitar, organ, vocals), Gabriel Villa (drums, percussion). ALL SONGS by Bardo Martinez & Chicano Batman.


  2. violencegirl:

    I will be reading in Eagle Rock, CA at Occidental College THIS Wednesday, October 24th, 7:15pm, Fowler 302 Open to the Public! 

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  3. violencegirl:

    Tuesday, October 23, 3-5pm
    at ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives
    909 West Adams Boulevard
    The USC CFR | Center for Feminist Research Working Group on
    The Politics of Popular Music presents:

    Violence Girl and the Past, Present and Future of Queer/Punk Rage 
    Punk feminist, educator and author Alice Bag discusses her acclaimed memoir, *Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage-A Chicana Punk Story,* with Raquel Gutierrez (performer, impresario, and author of “The Barber of East L.A.”), and Nikki Darling, (author and music writer, L.A. Weekly, The Los Angeles Times).

    CFR’s New Directions in Feminist Research Seminar offers scholars an opportunity to work collectively on linked projects, while creating public events that engage the broader feminist community of faculty and students at USC. This year’s seminar is on “The Politics of Popular Music,” and explores pop—the catchy, crass, infectious mass idiom—that makes us dance, sing along, and purportedly abandon our cares. For generations, across national and regional boundaries, popular music has also functioned as a barometer of dissent; as a call to rebellion, action and revolution for the disenfranchised. Historically, popular music has not only scored, but also incited transformative movements like national revolutions, as well as feminist, civil rights, and queer rebellions. This seminar explores the full range of popular music’s political, aesthetic and affective incarnations, from its uses as a cultural imperialist medium, to its reclamation by communities for whom it may not be intended.

    Seminar Members:
    Karen Tongson, Director (English and Gender Studies, Dornsife)

    Micha Cardenas (IMAP, School of Cinematic Arts)

    Edwin Hill (Comparative Literature, Dornsife)

    Kara Keeling (Critical Studies, School of Cinematic Arts; ASE, Dornsife)

    Josh Kun (Communication, Annenberg; ASE, Dornsife)

    Shana Redmond (ASE, Dornsife)

    Mina Yang (Music, Thornton)

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  4. antonellamiles:

    Tomorrow night at AAA Electra 99 Alice Bag will read from her book Violence Girl. There will be a small acoustic set afterwards. $5 to get in, don’t miss out!