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    Encinitas, come see me by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea on Sunday, February 23rd at Ducky Waddles.

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    Avoid Black Friday madness, get your signed copy of Violence Girl & a limited edition book bag now! only 8 left.



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    Boston mark your calendars: I’ll be reading at Wellesley College on October 28th, courtesy of Mezcla - Wellesley College, Spanish and Women’s and Gender Studies Departments. #MEZCLA

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    Q: “If things were different and you had been welcomed into MEChA, do you see the direction of your life having been very different? Was there space to be politically and socially involved in that Chicano community and be part of a punk scene later on? Or do you think that being drawn to punk has something to do with sensing the role of “outsider” among your own people?” 

    Alice: “Let me clarify that punks are my own people, as are women, as are Chican@s, as are gays, as are millions of other human beings with whom I see eye to eye. Gronk, Diane Gamboa and Art Undertaker all managed to create punk art/music and be Chican@s, so there are no limitations as far as I am concerned. We do not have to make choices that are defined exclusively by being punk, or Chican@, or feminist, or vegetarian. That is separatist mentality. If we think that way, those who seek to oppress us won’t have to bother to divide and conquer, we will have divided and conquered ourselves.

    Also, I don’t need things to be different, I don’t have any regrets. Life is full of detours and those detours are unexpected opportunities.”

    Excerpt from a July 2013 interview for a student working on their PhD. 

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    We’ve never had a pre-sale for an issue before.

    This issue isn’t just our 75th issue anniversary issue. On the cover is Alice Bag, interviewed by Nardwuar, an oral history of The Lost Sounds by Ryan Leach, an article “War and the American Elite” by Chris Pepus, and “For the Love of Vinyl” by Todd Taylor.

    All pre-orders will be put in the mail on Thurs., August 1st
    I REPEAT, all pre-orders will be put in the mail on Thurs., August 1st.

    $5.00 US
    $6.25 Canada
    $9.00 Mexico
    $10.00 International

    Get it here

    Cover photo by Shanty Cheryl (flickr)
    Art Junk by Amy Adoyzie (website)

    Pre-order your copy of the 75th issue of @RazorcakeGorsky now, you don’t want to be left in the cold, whining like a little boy.

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    434 pages of Violence Girl condensed into 136 seconds of Survive by The Bags. Read Violence Girl, From East LA to Hollywood Stage - A Chicana Punk Story published by Feral House. Ask your local library to order it! ~ Alice

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    Look Ma, I’m on the cover of Razorcake! 75th issue, with one of my favorite interviews ever, by the one and only Nardwuar.

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    I am still in awe of this amazing tattoo by @Saldamando for Marcus Kuiland-Nazario (someone I’ve always looked up to.) I can’t express how humbled and honored I am to have my image be a permanent part of Marcus’s body.

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    Trashing of the Troubadour and the Elks Lodge St. Patrick’s Day show. I want to clarify that as far as I know, there is no “riot” footage contained in any of the clips that will be shown. The films are of concert footage. So LAPD - stand down. ~ Alice 

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    Staff at Pier One asking “did she just rearrange our furniture to take her holiday photos? Yes, yes she did. 

    Searching for the perfect gift for that hard to please punk fan, feminista, or angry, troubled youth on your list? Look no further! The Violence Girl Holiday Pack is the answer for those perennial “Naughty List” nominees. Personally dedicated and signed copy of Violence Girl AND a Very Merry Xmess CD, domestic shipping included for just $25!


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    I will be reading in Eagle Rock, CA at Occidental College THIS Wednesday, October 24th, 7:15pm, Fowler 302 Open to the Public! 

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