1. dora-de-larios:

    Collaboration of Design & Art

    Dora De Larios

    Los Angeles, CA

    Architectural Ceramics/Mosaics

    To survey the landscape of Dora De Larios’ creative vision, one must travel not only to cities around the globe—where her large-scale architectural sculptures speak a universal language—but also to the ancient past of all civilizations from which her inspiration springs. Whether in intimate ceramic pieces or massive mixed-media commissions, De Larios strives to harmonize the animal and the spiritual, and the earthly with the divine. Her studies of world religions and ancient art at the University of Southern California—along with her travels around the world and her upbringing in ethnically diverse Los Angeles—account for her unique cross-cultural influences.


  2. cdsavoia:

    Best Murals In Orange County

    “Porcelain Mural” by Dora De Larios
    Montage Resort & Spa
    30801 S. Coast Highway
    Laguna Beach, CA 92651

    The porcelain mural took 15 months to complete for Los Angeles artist Dora De Larios. The work reflects the beauty of the California water and beach life.


  3. DORA DE LARIOS - “The World According To Dora” @ Anaheim Hilton, Anaheim CA porcelain/gold leaf wood sections scale: 7’ x 40’ depth of relief 4-6”

    via: Dora De Larios
    The mural at the Hilton was created in 1984. It was a massive undertaking. I devised the hanging system for the mural which was comprised of sections that were built of wood to which the porcelain was epoxied. The hanging devise was attached to the back of the wood sections. My best friend Don Olstad was of paramount help on the project. I could not have completed the work in the time I was given of 4 months for fabrication, drying, firing and installation without the additional faithful help of Gia Roland,Tony Richardson and Lorinda Roland. Lorinda’s expertise with the patina of the gold leaf sections. The commission came about because of an article that James Lodge saw in Westway Magazine about my work written by Roy Cousins. James came to my studio on Venice blvd. Culver City and spoke to me about the project. I made a Marquette that was presented to the client (Hilton)for his approval. It was at that time that I met Evelyn Daniel who in future became instrumental in providing many commissioned works from me. I received the go ahead and the most intense working situation began due to the short time given to complete the work. The title of the mural is “The world according to Dora”. It represents re-birth. Thematically, the central forms represent the collision of two universes that are reassembled to create new life. I was in the midst of a divorce at the time and my world as I knew it was collapsing. In the creation of the mural I chose porcelain because of it’s beauty with glazed surfaces. I wanted to create a very sculpturally expression. In the fabrication of the mural I would roll out sheet of porcelain 4x4 feet. In the process of the first firing (bisque) the sections began to crack. I released the stress in the clay by re-cracking and new beautiful patterns emerged. Symbolically, it reflected what I was experiencing in my interior world. Although the material was altered it showed a new beauty that was not visible prior to the changes and transformations that it would endure. It was a very hard work. The reward is what you saw in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Anaheim. Since that commissioned in 1984 which I consider to be a baptism of fire, I have completed numerous commissioned works. I was privileged to be given the opportunity to create a masterpiece.

    A few weeks back I took a trip to Anaheim, California, but this trip was not to bring the vacationing out of state relatives to visit Disneyland. This excursion would be to view Dora De Larios “The world according to Dora” mural at the Hilton hotel in Anaheim, California. This would be a real good one for you artlovers who are vacationing with your family at “The Happiest Place On Earth” and need to cleanse your palate from all the high fructose that is Disneyland. The Anaheim Hilton is about a 3min walk from Disneyland, so you will not have to tread far to view this mural. The piece is prominetly located in the lobby at the Anaheim Hilton. My expectation previous to seeing the mural was that it would be a decent size mural in an obscure wall at the Hilton. I walked through the hotel looking for the mural for a few minutes until I found the lobby. Once entering the lobby I was quickly proven wrong, there was this beautiful massive horizontal work of art by Mexican-American artist Dora De Larios. The lighting on the mural enhanced the wonderful tones of gold and whites. My images do not do this masterpiece justice they only tantalize the visual senses, this is why I highly recommend you see this piece next time you are in Anaheim, California.

    I would like to thank Dora De Larios for the information on "The World According To Dora."
    Dora De Larios will be having a studio sale June 16th from 10:00am-4:00pm.
    For more info on Dora’s sale contact her (HERE)

    I will be there you should too.