1. Chicano Art Movment attends: Open Your Eyes/ Abre Los Ojos @ The Muckenthaler Cultural Center - Opening reception

    On August 30th, I attended the opening reception of my friend, artist, and curator Jose Lozano’s curated exhibit Open Your Eyes/ Abre Los Ojos at The Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton C.A. It is always a delight to talk Mr. Lozano, he always leaves me with my sides aching from so much laughter from the stories he gifts me with.

    Ixrael - Transfiguracion Ficticia 2002 Giclee

    Arriving early to the venue there was already a hustle and bustle brewing. Entering The Muckenthaler galleries it was great to see so many artgoers showing Jose support and enjoying the fantastic artworks he curated for the Open Your Eyes/ Abre Los Ojos exhibition.

    Wall of: Gronk, Robert Palacios, Diane Gamboa, Jose Lozano and Barbara Carrasco

    My expectations of the Open Your Eyes/ Abre Los Ojos exhibition was that there would be a handful of good artworks to view, but I was blown away by the pieces hand picked by curator Jose Lozano. Many of the pieces exhibited are what would be considered “Museum pieces.” The artworks chosen Mr. Lozano complimented each other and made this a visuallly satisfying exhibition.

    Roberto Gutierrez - Not Yet, 2005 - acrylic on canvas

    It was also a special treat to see a few of the collectors who lent their artworks in attendance. It is always interesting for me to see what type of person and who collects Chicano art.
    One of the non-artwork related highlights for me was meeting Chicano great Gilbert “Magu” Lujan’s son.
    The Open Your Eyes/ Abre Los Ojos exhibition has a numeros amout of different artist showing like, Salomon Huerta, Carlos Almaraz and Roberto Gutierrez.
    Show runs until November 4th 2012.
    There will also be Curator’s Walk Through November 1 . 6 PM, if you could not make it to the opening here is your best next chance to meet Artist and cuartor Jose Lozano.

    More photos for your viewing pleasure @ CHICANO ART MOVEMENT FACEBOOK

    The Muckenthaler Cultural Center
    1201 West Malvern Avenue
    Fullerton, California 92833