1. museumoflatinamericanart:

    We are proud to be a part of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA which will focus on Latin American and Latino art. You can read more about it here.


  2. dignidadrebelde:

    Heading to Mexico City…super excited and looking forward to se down time…and the opportunity to work Arturo Negrete at 75 Grados next weekend on some new prints along with Melanie Cervantes.


  3. melaniecervantes:

    I only did two of these prints on amate paper. I really like how they look. Note to self : bring back a suitcase full of amate paper from mexico. #tallercocina #kitchenprinting #dignidadrebelde


  4. lacma:

    In the United States, apart from in California and the Southwest, many museums and art professionals until relatively recently tended to isolate or ignore Mexico’s contributions to global movements such as Modernism or Conceptual and performance art. Similarly, in Mexico, U.S. Chicano art of the 1960s and ’70s generally has been regarded as a weird mutation, a foreign fiber that didn’t belong in the tricolored bandera of Mexico’s nationalistic art-historical narrative.

    Building bridges between Mexican and Mexican American art - latimes.com



  6. nimexica:

    A commissioned slightly smaller version of El Blue Demon (at Arango Studios)


  7. dignidadrebelde:

    Dignidad Rebelde exhibit at Espacio Zapata in Oaxaca - Opening November 17th at 8pm


  8. Gilbert “Magu” Lujan - La Cutie

    The Muckenthaler Cultural Center - Open Your Eyes/ Abre Los Ojos

    Supported by grants from The James Irvine Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts, and Fullerton Sister City Association

    August 30-November 4
    Thursday . August 30 . 6:30 PM . Opening Reception . Suggested Donation

    To celebrate Fullerton’s Sister City of Morelia, Mexico, guest curator and celebrated artist José Lozano selects revered Mexican and Mexican American art centered on the state of Michoacan from private collections in Southern California. Supported in partnership with the Fullerton Sister City Association.

    The Muckenthaler Cultural Center
    1201 West Malvern Avenue
    Fullerton, California 92833