1. Robert Palacios -“Flora” 2013

    26th Annual Hearts & Flowers The Valentine Show At The Folk Tree January 26-March 2, 2013
    Reception: Saturday, January 26, 2-6pm

    The Folk Tree 217 S. Fair Oaks Avenue Pasadena CA 91105 If you are interested in Robert Palacios painting contact The Folk Tree at (626)795-8733


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    Camille Rose Garcia
    As featured in Hi-Fructose vol.8

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    Super Chango, chillin at ACE GALLERY Beverly Hills


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    @germ_s alter at grand park #crackin


  5. Robert Palacios - “El Pollo” (Top) “Sunday Drive” (Bottom)

    Artist Robert Palacios will be exhibiting his work at three different shows this month.
    Come out and support Robert, he is a awesome artist and friendly guy. Two of Mr. Palacios smaller pieces are in my collection.
    Exhibit info below:

    via: Robert Palacios
    3 Art Shows going on, 2 have opened & a opening this Saturday at The
    Folk Tree
    217 S Fair Oaks Ave. Pasadena, CA 91105 will have 2 new
    paintings displayed there, if you are interested in the paintings at
    the the Folk Tree- Sunday Drive and Long Live the Queen please contact Gail
    at mishkinftc@aol.com

    Chim Maya Gallery
    “Latino Heritage Month”
    Painting- “Mc Huero” Acrylic on panel, Show Dates September 16th- October
    if you are interested please contact Steven Acevedo at

    Sacred Machine Museum
    245 E.Congress St. Suite 123 Tucson,Arizona 85701
    Santa Muerte Music & Arts Festival 2012
    September 1st- November 4th 2012
    Painting-“El Pollo” Acrylic on panel
    If you are interested in this painting please contact


  6. Jaime Zacarias aka GERMS “Fasho” @ Luz De Jesus Gallery Hollywood CA

    Opening Reception: Friday, June 1st

    On June 1st I was able to make it out to Jaime “Germs” Zacarias “Fasho” exhibit at Lus De Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, California. This was my first time to Luz De Jesus since the move from Melrose avenue many moons ago. I arrived to the gallery about 8:30ish and fortunately was able to take some good pictures before the masses arrived. This was my first ever Germs art exhibit, I had only seen individual pieces in person and it was a real treat to view “Fasho" in the flesh. I also got to meet Jaime and had him sign a showcard of the exhibit for me. In conjunction with Jaime’s show Dave Lebow’s “End Time Visions” and Jason D’Aquino “Phillumeny” also were exhbiting at Luz De Jesus Gallery. Mr. Zacarias work garnered the most of the art goers attention opening night with his amazing use of color and his tentacled mask monsters and hilarious titles on the paintings, like “Te La Llavas,” “Dale Gas” and “Mas Puto.” “Fasho” runs until July 1.


  7. La Luz de Jesus Presents: GERMS’ “FaSho” — Music: “Every Six Seconds” by The Surf Monks

    La Luz de Jesus Gallery, 4633 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood CA 90027 (inside WACKO).

    GERMS’ most recent body of work is titled “Fasho,” a term which reaffirms an unspoken agreement between the artist and the viewers, to look at the familiar as filtered through the warped mind of GERMS.

    This is GERMS’ first exhibition at La Luz de Jesus Gallery.

    The artist will be in attendance.

    MUSIC: The Surf Monks “Every Six Seconds.”

    Written, performed and produced by A.J. Marik, Copyright 2012, A.J. Marik/Right Brain Music (BMI). Al rights reserved.

    Photography: Gil Ortiz.

    Slideshow produced by Tim K, www.freshwidow.com.

    All artwork Copyright 2012, Jaime GERMS Zacarias. All rights reserved.


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  8. Jaime Zacarias aka GERMS “Fasho” @ Luz De Jesus Gallery
    June 1 - July 1, 2012
    Opening Reception: Friday, June 1st; 8-11 PM

    South Los Angeles native Jaime Zacarias aka GERMS is seemingly infected with an innate ability to channel the spirits of our surrealist predecessors, slapping our eyeballs with his grotesque yet amusing iconography and ameoba like characters while simultaneously referencing post-Chicano culture and imagery. He is known for cleverly stylized Luchador masks given life by their protruding tentacles, surrounded by floating amoebas that playfully flirt with their viewers’ imaginations.

    Says GERMS, “I find myself mesmerized by the seemingly infinite details and borderline infectious behaviors of each character I create, while striving to transform and challenge the traditional interpretations of the icons we all know so well.” The viewer is drawn into a complex layering of cultural references; comfortable and familiar, often times playful and childlike imagery, which may, however, mask the dark and sinister - but which is imbued with an innocent sense of “anything is possible” in the World of GERMS.

    GERMS most recent body of work is titled “Fasho,” a term which affirms an unspoken agreement between the artist and the viewers of his work to look at the familiar as filtered through the mind of GERMS and see something never before seen.”Fasho”, also meaning “for sure” is a play on words –giving the artist total freedom to use the space as a playground.