Payasa 1978-80 digital print on archival paper 25 X 16 1/2 in

    through Sep 02, 2012
    MCASD La Jolla

    700 Prospect Street
    La Jolla, CA 92037-4291

    On a very beautiful August day, my hot date and I took a trip to La Jolla, California to view John Valadez’s,”SANTA ANA CONDITION:” at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego La Jolla.
    I have been waiting to attend this exhibition since first hearing about in January from Mr. Valadez at the opening reception of “Resurrected Histories: Voices from the Chicano Arts Collectives of Highland Park” exhibition at Avenue 50 Studio in Highland Park C.A. This exhibition and Mr. Carlos Alamaraz’s show coming up at the Vincent Prince Art Museum in Monterey Park, CA are the two shows that have brought some excitement to this follower of the Chicano Art Movement this year.

    (left) Getting Them Out Of The Car 1984 pastel on paper 50 X 100 in (right) Santa Ana Condition 1985 pastel on paper 52 X 121 1/2 in

    Upon entering MCASD La Jolla I was instantly hit with the amazing color used by Mr. Valadez on massive pieces of paper. As I got closer to the first works on paper my eyes got bigger and so did my smile. Mr. Valadez’s Pastel works and his photography pieces are my favorite of his various mediums he is amazing at. Mr. John Valadez’s water themed pieces coexist perfect with this venue, as you can see in the image I took (below) of the spectacular multi-million dollar view. This was also my very first time viewing so many works by Mr. Valadez in one place. Prior to this exhibition I had only seen his colored street series photographs jointly, so for me to tour so many pieces in one place was a ocular delight.

    The view from MCASD La Jolla is worth the admission alone.
    Dr. Davies (MCASD Director) can I move in and be the guardian of this spectacular view unitl the show runs? I promise not to have too big of party (maybe).

    Having attended Santa Ana Condition on a weekday for me was sublime, with easy to find parking and a minimal of museum goers made the experience for me that much more enjoyable.
    Being able to examine and appriciate the works of art at your own pace is always great right?
    A few of the first pieces that grabbed my attention were from Mr. Valadez’s Car Show Series of artworks. I have never partaken in a lowrider carshow event (I like my cars sporty), but having seen videos and heard stories from friends who had attended, I think Mr. John Valadez catpures these events very vividly.

    MCASD Education department produced an audio guide for the exhibit. To listen to an excerpt of Mr. Valadez’s interview about the carshow scene paintings dial: 858-384-3321 then #29 to listen.

    Car Show 2001 oil on canvas 76 X 96 1/4 in

    The Pièce de résistance for me though was “Mesoamerica.” With its surrealist qualities and the dipiction of a civilization form its beginings to modern day, Mr. Valadez’s Right Encephalon Entophic vision make this masterpiece one that will stay lodged into this artgoers visual memory. I first caught a glimpse of this piece transitioning from one wing of the gallery to the other, restraining myself from going off course to view, I focused straight ahead onto the next wonderful Valadez work. Arriving in front of “Mesoamerica” with much anticipation built up, I knew it was worth the wait. This pastel on paper was the beauty of the ball for this artlover.
    As a whole this show was very a satisfying event and was curated excetionally by MCASD, the spectacular choice of photography and original artworks made the exhibition flow flawlessly. I highly suggest attendance to Santa Ana Condition at the Museum of Contemporay San Diego La Jolla which runs until September 2, 2012. If you attend and enjoy the exhibit as much I did Purchase the catalog, it contains detailed insight by Mr. Valadez and the MCASD curators on the artworks in the exhibited in show. Even if you do not attend JOHN VALADEZ - SANTA ANA CONDITION: MCASD La Jolla, but would still like to own a copy of this catalog purchase HERE.

    (detail) “Mesoamerica”

    I would like to thank the freindly staff at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego La Jolla
    More photos of JOHN VALADEZ - SANTA ANA CONDITION: exhibition at Chicano Art Movement Facebook Page.