1. Jaime Zacarias aka GERMS “Fasho” @ Luz De Jesus Gallery Hollywood CA

    Opening Reception: Friday, June 1st

    On June 1st I was able to make it out to Jaime “Germs” Zacarias “Fasho” exhibit at Lus De Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, California. This was my first time to Luz De Jesus since the move from Melrose avenue many moons ago. I arrived to the gallery about 8:30ish and fortunately was able to take some good pictures before the masses arrived. This was my first ever Germs art exhibit, I had only seen individual pieces in person and it was a real treat to view “Fasho" in the flesh. I also got to meet Jaime and had him sign a showcard of the exhibit for me. In conjunction with Jaime’s show Dave Lebow’s “End Time Visions” and Jason D’Aquino “Phillumeny” also were exhbiting at Luz De Jesus Gallery. Mr. Zacarias work garnered the most of the art goers attention opening night with his amazing use of color and his tentacled mask monsters and hilarious titles on the paintings, like “Te La Llavas,” “Dale Gas” and “Mas Puto.” “Fasho” runs until July 1.