1. "Organic Stimulus" Restoration 2012

    We at MCLA are humbled and honored by the generous outpour of love and support for muralist Ernesto de la Loza and his just restored “Organic Stimulus”, a mural created in 1975 in the heart of Estrada Courts, the birth of the Chicano Mural Art Movement! MCLA is grateful to the Department of Cultural Affairs for awarding MCLA a grant, making the restoration of “Organic Stimulus” possible.

    As members of L.A.’s diverse communities, your support of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA) ensures that we can continue to restore and protect our most precious murals, the monuments of our history and culture. We urge you to consider supporting our cause with a donation of any amount, contributing directly to restoration and preservation efforts. Be part of L.A.’s history, help us to leave a legacy for many generations to come! Together we can reclaim Los Angeles’ title as The Mural Capital of the World!

    I am in a couple slides in this video, but I will not reveal super herue secret identity.

    (Source: chicano.ucla.edu)