2. zpvisual:

    Fronteriza (Sandra) | charcoal on paper. A simple portrait with symbols representing important things in Sandra’s life story. Going to be making serigraph (silkscreen) prints of this for a portfolio. #drawing #frontera #simple

    Artist: Zeque Penya

  3. melaniecervantes:

    "todos somos Ramona" A portrait of Commandate Ramona, Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional by Jesus Barraza.I (melanie) just printed about 140 small sized prints of this design. Ramona helped to write the Revolutionary Laws of Women for the EZLN and was first sent to engage with the Mexican government in peace talks in 1994. If you have never heard of her look her up. ( www.narconews.com/Issue40/article1542.html). Making these prints was a focused exercise against the act of forgetting. Historical amnesia is part of a colonization of our memories.

    The diffusion of this art should be the touchstone for a longer, deeper conversation about Ramona and the ongoing struggles of the EZLN and the Global South. Ramona Presente!

    Artists: Dignidad Rebelde (Jesus Barraza and Melanie Cervantes).

  4. melaniecervantes:

    Had a fun night finishing these little prints. My dad is visiting and he used to work at a paperbox company doing commercial printinf in a similar manner but totally blue collar. It’s nice to bond over these skills ☺️#printmaking #vivalamujer #screenprint #dignidadrebelde


  5. CHICANO ART MOVEMENT presents: The artwork of Dora de Larios

    Here is my first installment, of hopefully, many slideshows to come that I have produced in celebration of the Chicana/o and Mexican-American artists who I consider to be significant contributors to the movement.
    The first artist to be showcased is Mexican-American artist Dora de Larios. Dora’s artworks have inspired me since first viewing them in a major Los Angeles event in 2011, and a few pieces were acquired along the way for my viewing pleasure. Dora’s artistic talents are manifested through the mediums of ceramics, sculpture, and prints, for example. All photos included in this slideshow were captured during my visits to her personal studio, museum, and gallery exhibits throughout the years which have lead, fortunately, to a friendly relationship with de Larios. She has graciously allowed me to document her work as well as share the personal stories behind her pieces.
    I thought that this visual manifestation would be another ingenious way to show her the support that I have of her life’s work.
    As an aspiring curator and art connoisseur, I thought this would be my creative way to display art to the masses (independent from any art institution) with an added a soundtrack for a lasting visual and auditory effect. Additionally, this visual slideshow accommodates those people who love art and who do not have the accessibility to the artists themselves nor to the venues of this section of American art.
    My goal is to also educate, inform, and, perhaps, give some form of inspiration to the present and future generations.

    All images are shared with permission of the artist.

    Slideshow production and photos by: Robert Carpintero (CHICANO ART MOVEMENT)
    Music: Song Of The Black Lizard Artist: Pink Martini





    Look who’s all grown up and got a YouTube channel!

    View us at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpn8qjbVoEBk4gHdHVPAIGA


  7. paperdollsteph:

    Hooks-Epstein Galleries is pleased to announce, Print Perspectives, prints by gallery artists in conjunction with PrintHouston 2014. The exhibition will open on Saturday, June 7, 2014, with a reception for the artists from 6:00pm-8:00pm

    The exhibition will feature work by the following artists: Julie Brook Alexander, Wm. Kelly Bailey, Gregory Michael Carter, Kathryn Dunlevie, Teresa Dunn, James Falick, Desira Garcia, Leamon Green, Mark Greenwalt, Ann Johnson, Kurt Kemp, Edward Lane McCartney, Anna Mavromatis, Stephanie Mercado, Rahul Mitra, Kermit Oliver, Doug Randall, and John Mark Sager.

    Hooks-Epstein Galleries is proud to be a part of PrintHouston 2014! PrintHouston 2014 is a city-wide celebration of original prints, the artists who create them and the people who collect them. PrintHouston 2014 features an innovative series of print-inspired exhibitions at art galleries, art spaces, and museums throughout the city. A diverse selection of local, international, established, and emerging artists whose works fuse traditional styles of printmaking with contemporary ideas and aesthetics will be on display.

    Print Perspectives will continue through August 16, 2014.


  8. melaniecervantes:

    In xochitl, in cuicatl is Nahuatl for flower and song. Poetry and prayer. This print is a celebration of poetry and prayer in the Chicana/o community. The prints are available at MACLA in San Jose as part of their Community Supported Arts. #printmaking #screenprint #art #chicanoart


  9. Slipping Into Darkness - “Tell It Like It Is" (Video)

    Slipping Into Darkness is:

    Michael Durazo- Guitar,Vocals
    Nigel Dettelbach- Bass
    Adrian Carreno- Guitar
    Nigel Carnahan- Drums

    Influences: 50’s 60’s blues, 60’s and 70’s rock n roll, psychedelic, punk, and life.

    Desert Hot Springs own Slipping Into Darkness band will be releasing their debut album in the next coming months, so be on the look out for it.
    More info visit https://www.facebook.com/Slippingintodarknessmusic


  10. melaniecervantes:

    This summer @jesusvbarraza and I will be traveling to Bordeaux, France for the opening of this exhibit “Chicano Dream. We will both have several pieces in the exhibit. It will be our first time traveling to Europe. Wish us luck! #chicanodream #chicanoart #cheechmarin #art #screenprinting #dignidadrebelde


  11. robertvaladez:

    Rosita Adelita

    Via Robert Valadez: “Rosita” acrylic on canvas This painting was created based on an idea from my friend Isabel Morales,(who also posed for the picture). The image is based on the very famous “Rosie the Riveter” poster from World War ll. Here she is combined with another fictional pre-feminist archetype, La Adelita, a character of song and story who represented all the women who participated in the Mexican Revolution of the 1900’s. I paint her here with hopes that she may inspire a new Mexican Revolution.

  12. philiplumbang:

    The full set. @ernestoyerena #deadrelatives

    CAM: Artists Philip Lumbang and Ernesto Yerena “Dead Relatives” print set collaboration. 8 Open Edition Signed prints 4x6 inches (postcard size) Screen Prints Signed by both artists