1. Project Frida, by Antonio Pelayo & Richard Duardo ( Modern Multiples )

    PROJECTFRIDA is a collaboration between D.Zapa Media, Antonio Pelayo and Master Printer Richard Duardo. Based on Antonio Pelayo’s original graphite art entitled, Frida, Richard Duardo added his artistic interpretation to this iconic image with nine silk screens and a spot varnish. This mixed media work of art consists of 8 original Maquettes (hand painted by Antonio Pelayo and Richard Duardo with pastels), 10 mixed-media uniques (hand touched by Antonio Pelayo and Richard Duardo with pastels; 5 - Red, 5 - Blue), and a mixed-media limited edition of 75 (red and blue backgrounds).

    INTERESTS, GOTO: http://dzapamedia.com/projectfrida.html

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