1. ucsdspecialcollections:

    Exhibition: A Time for Resistance: Chicano Activism in San Diego and the American Southwest
    26 July - 23 September 2012
    Main floor, Geisel Library

    The Chicano movement encompasses a broad cross section of issues—immigration; civil, political, and human rights; educational opportunities; and the development of a communal history. With San Diego’s proximity to the world’s most traveled border, issues that arise in San Diego arise in other border communities. The events, issues, and activities recorded in the Baca collection document the impact of these issues on people living in the San Diego communities during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Many of the same issues continue to be experienced in San Diego, across the U.S.-Mexico border and throughout the nation. The Baca Papers, generated and/or collected by Herman Baca, chronicle more than 40 years of San Diego’s Chicano Movement.

    Herman Baca was a young man living in National City, California in the 1960s who became a prolific Chicano activist, political organizer, printer, and founder and longtime chairman of the Committee on Chicano Rights (CCR). He is known for his community-based grassroots organizing, especially for civil rights and political and judicial equality.

    CAM: More info on Mr. Baca and the exhibition (HERE).

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