Richard Duardo is a well-known artist in the Los Angeles community. Once referred to as the “Warhol of the West,” he has established a name for himself by producing prints of pop-culture icons. After graduating from UCLA, Duardo dove into Highland Park’s art scene by working with Self-Help Graphics and co-founding his first studio, Centro de Arte Público. Today, he owns Modern Multiples, a printmaking studio featuring contemporary artists. Duardo recounts the creation and closing of the Centro de Arte Publico and how the growing Chicano movement paved the way for new political organizations. Richard is part of the always vocal and committed Duardo family.

    El Centro
    Richard Duardo likens the Centro to the missions established throughout California - a safe harbor for like-minded artists to gather and collaborate.

    I found this great video via Modern Multiples. Chicano Art Movement history.

    (Source: kcet.org)

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