1. John Valadez en résidence artistique au musée d’Aquitaine

    via Musée d’Aquitaine:
    Discover through the video, the backstages of the artistic residence of John Valadez at Musée d’Aquitaine in Bordeaux, France, for the exhibition “Chicano Dream”

    The Musée d’Aquitaine has chosen to exhibit the private collection of Richard Anthony “Cheech” Marin, the Los Angeles-based film director, actor and screenwriter. Over the last 30 years Cheech Marin has supported the greatest Mexican-American artists of Los Angeles.

    Chicano Dream' - Chicano Artists from the Cheech Marin Collection (1980-2010), runs from June 27th to October 26th 2014


  2. melaniecervantes:

    Had a fun night finishing these little prints. My dad is visiting and he used to work at a paperbox company doing commercial printinf in a similar manner but totally blue collar. It’s nice to bond over these skills ☺️#printmaking #vivalamujer #screenprint #dignidadrebelde


  3. CHICANO ART MOVEMENT attends: ‘A Tribute To Emigdio Vasquez’, From the Artists of OCLAN (Orange County Latino Artist Network) opening reception 2014

    CAM: Emigdio Vasquez (Arizona 1939 - 2014) REST IN PEACE. I wanted to share my write up again as tribute to an amazing artist. I just learned Mr. Vasquez passed away last week (August 8, 2014) at the age of 74 years old. CHICANO ART MOVEMENT blog sends their condolences to the Vasquez family.


    On Saturday, March 1st, 2014 I attended the opening reception to 'A Tribute To Emigdio Vasquez', From the Artists of OCLAN (Orange County Latino Artist Network) at the Orange County Center For Contemporary Art (OCCCA) in the city of Santa Ana, California. Which will run March 1st-29th 2014.

    imageEmigdio Vasquez - (Left) “Hard Times” 36x46 1973 (Right) “Felix Camp” 30x36 1974

    The opening reception took place during the monthly Downtown Santa Ana Artwalk and my focus was on attending the exhibition at OCCCA to view the wonderful artworks by the Latino artists who were participating. Especially Mr. Emigdio Vasquez's artworks that were accumulated for his tribute. Previous to this showcase I had only been able to view his works individually in group shows and examine the murals he has created in the city of Orange, California. So partaking in this exhibit was a priority for me to survey the artist work. Walking into the gallery I first came upon two large majestic artworks by Emigdio. “Hard Times" from his Street Scenes series and "Felix Camp" from the Workers series. Which were impressive pieces to be received in with at the Orange County Center For Contemporary Art (OCCCA) space.
    imageEmigdio Vasquez - “A Sunday Afternoon at the Harmony Park” 20x35 1999

    Once in the main gallery at OCCCA I took notice that the weekends precipitation did not keep away people for the 'A Tribute To Emigdio Vasquez' exhibition. Which was healthily attended by supporters of the Chicano masters contributions to the movement. The exhibit did not just consist of Emigdio Vasquez's artworks, other participating exhibiting artists were:
    Jess Valenzuela, Abram Moya Jr, Matthew Barrios Southgate, Jose Lozano, Ben Valenzuela, Henry Godines, Rosemary V Tuthill, Gregg Stone, and Guillermo Avalos. Reception festivities included a live performance by the band Manos De Fuego, they covered some classic Santana tunes while I was in attendance and kept the atmosphere upbeat.
    imageJose Lozano - “The Red Balloon Lounge” 2013

    It was also terrific to see my friend Jose Lozano’s artworks that were included in the show, and artist Henry Godines' fascinating, “5:30 PM Going Home" an Oil on masonite painting which had drawn me in with its surreal qualities. I contemplated on its subject matter and his attention to detail for sometime. Prior to leaving I even made a return trip to that specific artwork to bask in Mr. Godines' panel for another moment.
    imageHenry Godines - “5:30 PM Going Home” Oil on masonite panel 20x28 inches

    The main gallery at OCCCA housed the majority of Mr. Emigdio Vazquez's artworks in the exhibition. Recollecting, all the works in the A Tribute To Emigdio Vasquez were original paintings, from his many different series he has created through the decades as a professional artist. Walking through the exhibit each of Mr. Vasquez's paintings became more engaging and as a whole narrated a much broader account of his lifes work. My favored Emigdio Vasquez's artworks in the tribute exhibition had to be, “A Sunday Afternoon at the Harmony Park”, in which the artist has depicted the Pachuco culture in celebration, and “Operation Gate Keeper”, where he presents one of the many obstacles the undocumented face while in search of financial stability. In addition, both were prime examples of the artist signature style.
    imagePhoto of Manos De Fuego live performance at ‘A Tribute To Emigdio Vasquez’, Orange County Center For Contemporary Art

    I would like to thank artists Emigdio Vasquez, Rosemary Vasquez-Tuthill, Jose Lozano, Henry Godines and Stephen Anderson, Executive Director at Orange County Center For Contemporary Art (OCCCA) for the opportunity to share artwork in the exhibition.

    For more information on 'A Tribute To Emigdio Vasquez', exhibition visit: www.occca.org
    imageEmigdio Vasquez - “Operation Gate Keeper” 22x55 1994

    More images visit: CHICANO ART MOVEMENT/Facebook page


  4. zpvisual:

    Excited to share this collaborative body of work. Lots of research has gone into this. I’ve gained so much insight. And I have a renewed gratitude and respect for something that affects every aspect of our lives.
    WATERBOUND is an on-going transmedia project that explores the symbolic and actual roles water plays in our border community. The August 9th exhibit will feature four large paintings, an installation and a video projection. There will be an opening & closing ceremony honoring water and our Rio Bravo/Grande. Participants will be invited to participate in the installation and have their own stories about water documented. With the support of the City of El Paso Museum and Cultural Affairs Department and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

    Saturday, August 09, 2014 - 5pm -9pm
    La Hacienda Restaurant - Outdoor Courtyard : 1704 West Paisano, El Paso TX
    Free Admission
    Info: www.zpvisual.com/waterbound


  5. CHICANO ART MOVEMENT presents: The artwork of CHAZ BOJÓRQUEZ

    Here is my second installment of slideshows that I have produced to celebrate Chicana/o and Mexican-American artists who I consider to be significant contributors to the movement.
    My next showcase is legendary graffiti artist Chaz Bojorquez. I came upon Mr. Bojorquez’s creations early on in my education of Chicano and Mexican-American art. It was Chaz’s mesmerizing calligraphy based works that I first became familiar with, and soon after, I also discovered he was the creator of the infamous Señor Suerte image. It has become so iconic I have encountered people with nominal to no art experience who are au fait of Señor Suerte. His artworks stand as tribute to the allure and rawness that is Los Angeles’ artistic chicano culture multifarious facets.

    All Photos included in slideshow captured during solo and group exhibitions I have attended where Mr. Chaz Bojorquez’s artwork has been showcased.
    All images are shared with permission of the artist.

    As an aspiring curator and art connoisseur, I thought this would be my creative method to display art to the masses (independent from any art institution) with an added a soundtrack for a lasting visual and auditory effect. Additionally, this visual slideshow accommodates those people who love art and who do not have the accessibility to the artists themselves nor to the venues of this section of American art.
    My goal is to also educate, inform, and, perhaps, give some form of inspiration to the present and future generations.
    Slideshow production and photos by: Robert Carpintero (CHICANO ART MOVEMENT)

    Music: Little Child Runnin’ Wild Artist: Curtis Mayfield




  6. (Top) Detail: Chicano Batman logo shirt (Middle) Chicano Batman performing (Bottom) Chicano Batman logo shirt

    On Saturday July 26th, 2014 we took a trip to Downtown Santa Ana, California to take part in a live show by Chicano Batman. The rousing performance was part of 'Musica En Movimiento' art and music festival, which was headlined by Chicano Batman. 'Musica En Movimiento' was a family friendly event that took place to benefit El Centro Cultural de Mexico of Santa Ana.
    The band played a majority of their hit songs during the nights set, such as, "La Tigresa", "Magma", "La Samoana" and the crowds favorite of the night, "Itotiani".
    In support of the band I purchased a Chicano Batman emblem shirt (pictured above), and was gifted a sticker of their logo.
    Other notable bands we watched perform that night at the art and music festival were, Viento Callejero, Cuicani and the rambunctious Cuahutemoc.



  8. lexxdigs:

    Vanitas… #changethebeat2 #design #digital #collage #art #affordableartforthepeople

    Artist: Lexx Valdez

  9. CHICANO ART MOVEMENT presents: The artwork of Dora de Larios

    Here is my first installment, of hopefully, many slideshows to come that I have produced in celebration of the Chicana/o and Mexican-American artists who I consider to be significant contributors to the movement.
    The first artist to be showcased is Mexican-American artist Dora de Larios. Dora’s artworks have inspired me since first viewing them in a major Los Angeles event in 2011, and a few pieces were acquired along the way for my viewing pleasure. Dora’s artistic talents are manifested through the mediums of ceramics, sculpture, and prints, for example. All photos included in this slideshow were captured during my visits to her personal studio, museum, and gallery exhibits throughout the years which have lead, fortunately, to a friendly relationship with de Larios. She has graciously allowed me to document her work as well as share the personal stories behind her pieces.
    I thought that this visual manifestation would be another ingenious way to show her the support that I have of her life’s work.
    As an aspiring curator and art connoisseur, I thought this would be my creative way to display art to the masses (independent from any art institution) with an added a soundtrack for a lasting visual and auditory effect. Additionally, this visual slideshow accommodates those people who love art and who do not have the accessibility to the artists themselves nor to the venues of this section of American art.
    My goal is to also educate, inform, and, perhaps, give some form of inspiration to the present and future generations.

    All images are shared with permission of the artist.

    Slideshow production and photos by: Robert Carpintero (CHICANO ART MOVEMENT)
    Music: Song Of The Black Lizard Artist: Pink Martini




  10. paperdollsteph:

    There, Here, Now is a new series of gouache paintings on paper at Hooks-Epstein Galleries, in Houston Texas. These works present a new kind of history painting. Reminiscent of imagery found in historical European art, these works examine signifiers of wealth, class and identity construction with a contemporary twist. Each image merges, juxtaposes and explores elements found in historical paintings with American pop-culture references to draw similarities between the two.

    Symbols found There in the past, have managed to manifest themselves Here, and the ideologies of what it means to be successful are more prevalent Now.



    Look who’s all grown up and got a YouTube channel!

    View us at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpn8qjbVoEBk4gHdHVPAIGA


  12. lexxdigs:

    Whoa! It’s up! Got this shot of the digital mural I designed via @jessicasabogal! • @galeriadelaraza (@pachucastyle) in collaboration w/ @ybca in Community (@raquefella) and El/La Para TransLatinas present “¡Mujeres Divinas y Poderosas!” A Digital Mural Project honoring #LuchaTransLatina • Catch it at 24th & Bryant in #themission #sanfrancisco Why? Because #translivesmatter (at Galería de la Raza)

    via Galeria de la raza Title: ¡Mujeres Divinas y Poderosas! is a Digital Mural Project celebrating #LuchaTransLatina. We are honored to partner once again with YBCA’s In Community Program to present our latest installment of our Digital Mural Project (DMP) Residency Series, featuring artist Lexx Valdez and El/La Para Translatinas. The DMP Residency Series aims to connect local social service organizations, artists and the public with our historical billboard to address and respond to important civic issues. DMP is a public art project that explores the direct linkage between creative activity and community building, the potential “uses” of artwork in a social context, and the role of the artist as a public citizen. In celebration of PRIDE and in support of their advocacy efforts, we have partnered with El/La Para Translatinas to ignite dialogue and understanding about the issues faced by the Translatina community and beyond. We stand with El/La and ask you to join us in support at their upcoming June/July programs. About El/La Para Translatinas: Founded in 2006, El/La is a holistic support organization for transgender women of Latin American decent. By building a collective vision where transwomen are empowered to stand up against violence, abuse and discrimination; its mission to promote the survival and improve the quality of life of translatinas in the San Francisco Bay Area is realized. Thus, creating a space where translatinas are loved, valued and supported in self-determination. Visit their website to lean more. About Lexx Valdez: Valdez grew up in Guadalupe, CA, a coastal town at the Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo County line but she’s lived in the Bay Area since 2004 and considers it home. She now lives in Oakland’s San Antonio neighborhood where she shares creative space with her Townhaus Studios mate, Scott La Rockwell of Rockwell Creative. Dedicated to healing and transformation through the creative process, Lexx believes in designing cyclically for collective growth and sustainability. She studied at the Academy of Art, San Francisco, and in previous design lives, has been the Creative Director at Beats Rhymes and Life, Inc. (BRL), Art Director at Missomnimedia.com, co-founder of the Daughters of D.I.G.—Developing Intelligent Girls—project, and has freelanced for ArtDontSleep, Los Angeles, Alameda Health Care Services Agency, California Endowment‘s Sons & Brothers Campaign, Community Health Resource Center, San Francisco, the Roy Ayers Project and 70×30.com. Lexx’s collage art and curating skills have been displayed at Betti Ono Gallery in downtown Oakland (“My Art, My Culture,” March 2013 collaboration with Daughters of D.I.G. and 70×30.com). About YBCA In Community: Is a new, community-based arts-making program that pairs professional artists with community members in various neighborhoods around the Bay Area—such as SOMA, the Mission District, the Excelsior District, and West Oakland. The program connects low-income, ethnically diverse, underserved community members; neighborhood organizations; and individual artists around collaborative art-making projects that address the unique needs and cultural traditions of each neighborhood. Each project is designed to reinforce cultural connectivity and community healing, and ultimately change how participants see their lives and the world around them.