Look who’s all grown up and got a YouTube channel!

    View us at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpn8qjbVoEBk4gHdHVPAIGA


  2. lexxdigs:

    Whoa! It’s up! Got this shot of the digital mural I designed via @jessicasabogal! • @galeriadelaraza (@pachucastyle) in collaboration w/ @ybca in Community (@raquefella) and El/La Para TransLatinas present “¡Mujeres Divinas y Poderosas!” A Digital Mural Project honoring #LuchaTransLatina • Catch it at 24th & Bryant in #themission #sanfrancisco Why? Because #translivesmatter (at Galería de la Raza)

    via Galeria de la raza Title: ¡Mujeres Divinas y Poderosas! is a Digital Mural Project celebrating #LuchaTransLatina. We are honored to partner once again with YBCA’s In Community Program to present our latest installment of our Digital Mural Project (DMP) Residency Series, featuring artist Lexx Valdez and El/La Para Translatinas. The DMP Residency Series aims to connect local social service organizations, artists and the public with our historical billboard to address and respond to important civic issues. DMP is a public art project that explores the direct linkage between creative activity and community building, the potential “uses” of artwork in a social context, and the role of the artist as a public citizen. In celebration of PRIDE and in support of their advocacy efforts, we have partnered with El/La Para Translatinas to ignite dialogue and understanding about the issues faced by the Translatina community and beyond. We stand with El/La and ask you to join us in support at their upcoming June/July programs. About El/La Para Translatinas: Founded in 2006, El/La is a holistic support organization for transgender women of Latin American decent. By building a collective vision where transwomen are empowered to stand up against violence, abuse and discrimination; its mission to promote the survival and improve the quality of life of translatinas in the San Francisco Bay Area is realized. Thus, creating a space where translatinas are loved, valued and supported in self-determination. Visit their website to lean more. About Lexx Valdez: Valdez grew up in Guadalupe, CA, a coastal town at the Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo County line but she’s lived in the Bay Area since 2004 and considers it home. She now lives in Oakland’s San Antonio neighborhood where she shares creative space with her Townhaus Studios mate, Scott La Rockwell of Rockwell Creative. Dedicated to healing and transformation through the creative process, Lexx believes in designing cyclically for collective growth and sustainability. She studied at the Academy of Art, San Francisco, and in previous design lives, has been the Creative Director at Beats Rhymes and Life, Inc. (BRL), Art Director at Missomnimedia.com, co-founder of the Daughters of D.I.G.—Developing Intelligent Girls—project, and has freelanced for ArtDontSleep, Los Angeles, Alameda Health Care Services Agency, California Endowment‘s Sons & Brothers Campaign, Community Health Resource Center, San Francisco, the Roy Ayers Project and 70×30.com. Lexx’s collage art and curating skills have been displayed at Betti Ono Gallery in downtown Oakland (“My Art, My Culture,” March 2013 collaboration with Daughters of D.I.G. and 70×30.com). About YBCA In Community: Is a new, community-based arts-making program that pairs professional artists with community members in various neighborhoods around the Bay Area—such as SOMA, the Mission District, the Excelsior District, and West Oakland. The program connects low-income, ethnically diverse, underserved community members; neighborhood organizations; and individual artists around collaborative art-making projects that address the unique needs and cultural traditions of each neighborhood. Each project is designed to reinforce cultural connectivity and community healing, and ultimately change how participants see their lives and the world around them.


  4. realmonica:

    CROSSING THE LINES - VBB Borderlines Production

    hosted by Voices Breaking Boundaries

    Curated by Rob Block, Jimmy Castillo, Michelle Garcia, Karen Martinez, Sehba Sarwar, and Monica Villarreal. Over 18 international and local artists will be participating in this production.

    (The images above are of an art instillation I’m creating with the assistance of a few local arts. Read more about it below.)

    By utilizing stencils of M16’s, Villarreal designed this installation to replicate a smaller version of the 18’ fence that separates US & Mexico, allowing the audience to experience what it feels like to live on a militarized border. Measuring 46” high and 100’ long, this art piece is created in solidarity with the Lipan Apache Women Defense and all indigenous people who are creating alliances to fight the illegal siege of their traditional lands.

    The wall instillation will be accompanied by a performance art piece entitled, “Living, Dying and Experiencing border - stories from South Asia & North America”. Human sculptures sharing human experiences with the USA/Mexico Border and the Partition of the Indian Subcontinent conceived by Rob Block and Monica Villarreal with support from Sabina Haque and Margo Tamez.


  5. paperdollsteph:

    Hooks-Epstein Galleries is pleased to announce, Print Perspectives, prints by gallery artists in conjunction with PrintHouston 2014. The exhibition will open on Saturday, June 7, 2014, with a reception for the artists from 6:00pm-8:00pm

    The exhibition will feature work by the following artists: Julie Brook Alexander, Wm. Kelly Bailey, Gregory Michael Carter, Kathryn Dunlevie, Teresa Dunn, James Falick, Desira Garcia, Leamon Green, Mark Greenwalt, Ann Johnson, Kurt Kemp, Edward Lane McCartney, Anna Mavromatis, Stephanie Mercado, Rahul Mitra, Kermit Oliver, Doug Randall, and John Mark Sager.

    Hooks-Epstein Galleries is proud to be a part of PrintHouston 2014! PrintHouston 2014 is a city-wide celebration of original prints, the artists who create them and the people who collect them. PrintHouston 2014 features an innovative series of print-inspired exhibitions at art galleries, art spaces, and museums throughout the city. A diverse selection of local, international, established, and emerging artists whose works fuse traditional styles of printmaking with contemporary ideas and aesthetics will be on display.

    Print Perspectives will continue through August 16, 2014.


  6. museumoflatinamericanart:

    We are proud to be a part of Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA which will focus on Latin American and Latino art. You can read more about it here.


  7. melaniecervantes:

    In xochitl, in cuicatl is Nahuatl for flower and song. Poetry and prayer. This print is a celebration of poetry and prayer in the Chicana/o community. The prints are available at MACLA in San Jose as part of their Community Supported Arts. #printmaking #screenprint #art #chicanoart


  8. 'UNDER THE BRIDGE' The story of Chicano Park (documentary)

    When their land was taken and promises broken, a community under siege decided to act. ‘Under the Bridge’ is a story of identity and tells the epic tale of Chicano Park in San Diego’s Barrio Logan.

    'Under the Bridge', through remarkable observational
    footage, archive and in-depth interviews, reveals the true meaning of the park and of the ripple effects it created that are still felt today.

    'Under the Bridge’ is a story of identity and tells the epic tale of Chicano Park in San Diego’s Barrio Logan: a humble piece of ground dwarfed by the massive concrete pillars holding up the Coronado Bridge.

    Chicano Park is a place that came to mean so much to so many - and a place where a people found their voice.

    “Under the Bridge” tells the story of San Diego’s Chicano Park. In 1970, the residents of Barrio Logan protested the building of a Highway Patrol Substation in their neighborhood. They had been promised a park on that land, under the bridge. Frustrated with the status quo and inspired by the Black Civil Rights movement, let down by the Church and city officials, Chicano artists, musicians, poets, students and residents joined forces to demand justice. And they got it.

    Socially, economically and culturally marginalised, the community saw its victory at Chicano Park as a symbolic step in reclaiming their identity. A major part of this process was the recognition of the indigenous heritage shared by many Mexicans. This identification with an indigenous past played a major role in the cultural understanding of the ‘Chicano’ during El Movimiento of the 60s and 70s. Not afforded the ‘native’ status of other US indigenous tribes, their struggle for cultural equality continues to this day.

    “Under the Bridge” includes interviews with the likes of Chicano poet and activist, Alurista; founder of Border Angels, Enrique Morones; Chicano Park muralists, musicians and artists, Salvador Torres, Yolanda Lopez, Mario Torero, Sal Barajas, Celia Rodriguez, Yermo Aranda and Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez.

    Directed By Mike Todd
    Written By Mike Todd
    Produced By Riverhorse

    (Source: hulu.com)


  9. Slipping Into Darkness - “Tell It Like It Is" (Video)

    Slipping Into Darkness is:

    Michael Durazo- Guitar,Vocals
    Nigel Dettelbach- Bass
    Adrian Carreno- Guitar
    Nigel Carnahan- Drums

    Influences: 50’s 60’s blues, 60’s and 70’s rock n roll, psychedelic, punk, and life.

    Desert Hot Springs own Slipping Into Darkness band will be releasing their debut album in the next coming months, so be on the look out for it.
    More info visit https://www.facebook.com/Slippingintodarknessmusic


  10. melaniecervantes:

    This summer @jesusvbarraza and I will be traveling to Bordeaux, France for the opening of this exhibit “Chicano Dream. We will both have several pieces in the exhibit. It will be our first time traveling to Europe. Wish us luck! #chicanodream #chicanoart #cheechmarin #art #screenprinting #dignidadrebelde


  11. El-Haru Kuroi - "El Cucui" (video 2014)

    El-Haru Kuroi is: Eddika E. Organista, Michael A. Ibarra, and Dominique Rodriguez

    Via El-Haru Kuroi:
    El Haru Kuroi, an East Los Angeles trio rooted in Mexican, South American and African melodies and rhythms has initiated a fierce style and sound.

    Grupo El-Haru Kuroi performs throughout the Los Angeles area in community and cultural festivals, gallery openings and various clubs. They have performed at First Fridays at the Natural History Museum, The Levitt Pavillion in MacArther Park, The Eagle Rock Music Festival and The Mayan Theater, opening up for Gogol Bordello. They have also ventured on a South West tour toward New Orleans spreading their sound in other parts of America.

    Their music is also featured in an independent film, most recently the documentary, “Homeboy,” one of the first of its kind, to explore homosexuality amongst the Mexican American cholo community, in the 80’s and 90’s.

    El Haru Kuroi has two full length albums and one acoustic EP. The release of the newest album”CantaGallo,” is the latest sound of El-Haru Kuroi as they continue to evolve as people and musicians, bringing a sound of their own: ” East Los Angeles Nueva Tropicalia.” Currently, El-Haru Kuroi is working on their next albums, which include an Acoustic LP, a Two Song 7”, and an Electric Full Lenght, with singles to be released periodically during the process.

    More info on the band visit: http://www.elharukuroi.com

    I came upon El-Haru Kuroi's music a few months back through their gigs with a CAM favorite Chicano Batman. When the video for “El Cucui” was released earlier this month I wanted to share the upbeat musical composition and the visuals of this very talented band. To me “El Cucui” has a very reminiscent sound of the classic Sonora Dinamita dance floor fillers, which I can bet this song has that effect too.

    I sent out an email to the band to find out more about them and the song that had me groovin’.
    I received a response from Eddika (voice/guitar), who was kind enough to answer all my questions. She also shared with me the process it took in creating the video for “El Cucui” composition.

    Via El-Haru Kuroi (Eddika):
    "Well in respect to the song, its a well known folk tale that has many versions throughout Latin America and even here in the states regarding what the "boogie man" or "El Cu Cui" might do out there in the night. For children, usually El Cu Cui is a scare tactic used by parents and it was created a while back for a halloween show that we were in. Regarding the video, it was a long process which began round 2007. The process being the construction of all the masks that you see in the video, which were hand built (paper machie) and individually painted. Some were built back in 2007 to be stored and partially deteriorating for years because of other priorities that came up. But finally we finished the masks and shot scenes last year at the Linda Vista Hospital and the final scenes this year in the vicinity of City Terrace, Boyle Heights and East LA as well as the bar scene at Las Palomas in Boyle Heights on 1st. St."

    El-Haru Kuroi will be performing June 20, 2014 with Chicano Batman, Quita Penas, Viento Callejero at Mission Tobacco Lounge in Riverside, CA.


  12. Chicano Batman - “La Tigresa” from the Joven Navegante EP

    CHICANO BATMAN is Eduardo Arenas (bass, guitar & vocals), Carlos Arévalo (guitar), Bardo Martinez (guitar, organ, vocals), Gabriel Villa (drums, percussion). ALL SONGS by Bardo Martinez & Chicano Batman.